Monday, March 21, 2011

Learn Forex Trading Online

Learn Forex Trading

A lot of new traders make simple mistakes that keep them from being successful. Following the course’s methodology of money management, you can be rest assured that you will always have ever-increasing revenue to satisfy your financial goals.

Forex Trading is an exciting arena where trillions are traded a day. You too can be a part of the largest financial market in the entire world. Take our free “Basic Training” course today! Below are the lessons categorized by level, pick yours and get started!


1. Recruit - What is Forex?
2. Private - How does Forex Work?
3. Private First Class - Selecting a Broker


4. Corporal - Pick a Chart, Any Chart
5. Sergeant - The Fundie vs The Techie
6. Lieutenant - Strategize


7. Captain - Indicators
8. Major - Playing with Price Action
9. Colonel - Developing your Plan

Finishing Up

10. General - Putting it all Together

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